Dubai Marathon Stat Blitz
(by K. Ken Nakamura)

Lelisa Desisa (2:04:45), Berhanu Shiferaw (2:04:48), Tadese Tola (2:04:49), Endeshaw Negesse (2:04:52) 
and Bernard Koech (2:04:53) became 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th runner to crack 2:05 for the marathon.

Lelisa Desisa (2:04:45) and Bernard Koech (2:04:53) became 4th and 5th fastest (3rd and 4th on 
stanfdard course) marathon debutante in history. 

Best marks for place for 3rd (2:04:49 by Tadese Tola), 4th (2:04:52 by Endeshaw Shumi Negesse), and 
5th (2:04:53 by Bernard Koech) were set. Previous best on the standard course are all from Dubai 2012

Top 10 average performances for Dubai Marathon is now 2:04:48, second only to Berlin whose average 
is 2:04:37.  Third is Rotterdam with the average of 2:04:54

Lelisa Desisa ran the fastest marathon (2:04:45) as 23 year old.
Previously Dino Sefir's 2:04:50 from last year's Dubai was fastest by 23 years old

Berhanu Shiferaw ran the fastest marathon (2:04:48) as 19 years old 
(However, he is not a junior for he will turn 20 years in May of this year)