In This Corner, Let's Run.... In This Corner, Flotrack
The two heavyweights of the internet world have differing opinions about the latter's new pricing scale.

First, Flotrack announced it had partnered with the Armory to broadcast two meets. But not for free.

That announcement is here

In publishing the announcement on its pages, letsrun added this:

Editor’s note: For a point of reference individual Diamond League meets could be watched  this past year for $1.99 on, yet it will cost $20 to watch a high school/collegiate meet. Parents thousands of miles away might be willing to pay it but track and field fans generally won’t.

That led Flotrack's Mark Floreani to post on his site, "Your current post about why we are charging for the live stream is complete BS. I think it is comical coming from you guys. Why don't we have a debate on skype on this topic and post it for the world to see? That would allow the community to decide for themselves. I doubt you guys would do that though, because it would not help your narrative."

Pro-and-con narrative from the Flotrack site follows here