Star QB Kaepernick Understands The Thrill Of Speed
Talking about the 49er signal caller's recordbreaking play last weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle said this in a story this morning:

<<Long before he made the Packers look like they were chasing Usain Bolt, Colin Kaepernick excitedly described the adrenaline rush of breaking a long run. This was late September, when Kaepernick labored in obscurity, but he already understood the exhilaration of dashing through a defense.

“That’s the ultimate feeling of being an athlete,” he said then. “You get in the open field and you get a chance to show your speed against the speed of linebackers and defensive backs, who are considered some of the best athletes in the world.”>>

The paper had another allusion to the 100's WR holder, when legendary figure John Madden said <<The way he runs, he reminds of that sprinter, Bolt.>>