Stat Blitz: World Championships Day 9

(from K. Ken Nakamura)


Day 9


Kevin Mayer become the first World Youth & World Junior Champion to win WC Decathlon

Mayer won first medal for FRA in WC Decathlon

GER won two medals at WC Decathron; previously US in 2011 and FRG in 1983 have won two medals at WC Decathlon


Lasitskene (Kuchina) joined Vlasic, Kostaninova, and Cloete as 4th two time winner of WC WHJ

4cm difference between 3rd and 4th is the largest ever in history of WC WHJ; previous max difference was 3cm in 7 occasion


Edris became only the second (after Komen) world junior champion to win the World Championships.

4th medal (3 golds and silver) for Mo, surpassing Lagat (gold and 2 silver) in total medal count at 5000m in World Championships


Pearson won second gold, third medal at WC W100mH. Three other hurdlers (Devers, Perry, Engquist) have multiple medals, Devers three, others two

Pearson won third medal at WC W100mH. Devers has five medals, three others have two medals.


CZE won two medal at WC JT; previously only FIN in 1991 has won two medals at WC JT

88.26 by Rohler is the best 4th place mark in history of WC JT; previously the best 4th place mark was 87.41 by Rohler in 2015
In short, Rohler was 4th in 2015 and he was again 4th in 2017, but he improved his mark by 85cm.

6cm difference between 3rd and 4th is the smallest ever in the history of WC JT; previous minimum was 10cm from 1997

Winning margin of 16cm is second smallest in the history of WC JT; the minimum winning margin is 10cm from 2013


JAM's winning streak of 4x100mR at WC was stopped at 4, while GBR won their first gold in WC 4x100mR

37.52 by US at 4x100mR is the best non-winning mark (fastest 2nd place time)
in history (not just history of WC)

Winning margin of 0.05sec is 2nd smallest in history of WC at 4x100mR; minimum is 0.02sec in 2005

After 2 silver and bronze, GBR finally won 4x100mR at WC


Best marks for place for 6,7, & 8th at World Championships were set for W4x100mR

3rd place for JAM in W4x100mR is the worst placing in WC for JAM since 2003