Stat Blitz: World Championships Day 6

(from K. Ken Nakamura)


Day 6

WLJ qualifying

Only one jumper (Klishina) jumped (6.66) further than the longest jump that failed to qualify for the final (6.65)
in Beijing in 2015


Gong became only the second SP (after Huang Zhihong) to win World Championships, Asian Games and Asian Championships.

With Gold tonight, Gong now has complete set of medals at WSP in WC; she has silver in 2015 and bronze in 2013 & 2009

Marton won first medal (this case Silver) for HUN in WC WSP

Gong now has four medals (she has a complete set of medals)  only Adams-Villi has more; she has five medals


With a bronze medal tonight, Felix now has a complete set of medals.  Guevera also has a complete set of medals

Fenton and Miles (along with Guevera & now Felix) have three medals at WC W400m

Naser won first medal for BRN at W400m in WC

49.92 is the slowest winning time in the history of WC W400m; previously 49.86 by Thiam in 2001 was slowest


48.35 is the slowest winning time in 400mH at WC, replacing 48.26 by Greene from 2011

First medal of anykind for NOR at 400mH in WC

Copello won first medal of any kind for TUR at 400mH in WC

With a bronze today, Clement now has three medals, tying Sanchez, Diagana and Matete

Warholm won Octathlon at 2013 World Youth Championships before winning 400mH at WC
Incidentally no WOrld Youth Medalist at 400mH ever won World Championships 400mH