How Does Coleman’s DL Final 100 Stack Up?

Christian Coleman’s blistering 9.79 Diamond League Final 100 win in Brussels was the fastest century the world has seen since Justin Gatlin’s 9.74 PR at the ’15 Doha DL.

Another way of comparatively assessing fast dash times is with respect to the wind and altitude conditions in play. Coleman blew this one out facing a -0.3 wind. Using the Dapena-Linthorne tables, which may be found in T&FN‘s Big Gold Book.

Special thanks go to track nut Charley Shaffer for keeping eagle eyes on the 100s, men’s and women’s, and updating the wind/altitude-adjusted lists.

Coleman’s Brussels mark adjusts to 9.77, =14 performance per the tables and the best among the sprinters in the top 10 since the ’15 World Championships.

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