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    You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
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    OK, since it's a slow season and we're even discussing beer, let's learn a little more about each other by getting into music. This is a variation on a famous old newspaper question (England in the late 1800s?) about what books you'd take to a desert island.

    But this morning the SF Chronicle had a piece about iPods and downloadable music and then surveyed some famous musicians and asked them what was on their "most-played" list.

    So for the purpose of this game you're marooned ona desert island with your iPod (or whatever MP3 player you'd like). But you can only have 10 songs. What are they? I'll have to think on mine before posting (movies I do keep a running list of), although I know for sure that "Hey Jude" is on it. In fact, since it's my game I'm going to put a rule on it that you can't have two by the same person.

    Here's the URL to what the musicians said:

    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... 413N41.DTL
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    YOu don't want too many short songs and you gotta think artists first [IMO], so

    Beatles - Norwegian Wood
    Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
    Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
    Who - Who Are You?
    Iron Butterfly - Indagadadavida (sp?)
    Eric Clapton - Layla (original)
    Youngbloods - Let's Get Together
    Darude - Sandstorm
    Dirty Vega - Days Gone By
    plus a really long classical piece (Beethoven?) to cleanse the palate
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    well, music is nice, but company might keep me sane...

    so, while marooned, which t&f athlete, past or present would you prefer...

    my choice...

    a few hints...

    she's a long jumper..


    and was married to an american at one time!!
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    My top ten songs......
    "Jungleland".....Bruce Springsteen (hey, I'm from Jersey)
    "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights".....Meatloaf
    "Shoulda Been A Cowboy".....Toby Keith
    "Stairway to Heaven".....Led Zep
    "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant".....Billy Joel
    "That Summer".....Garth Brooks
    "Buffalo Soldier".....Bob Marley
    "Johnny B. Goode".....Chuck Berry
    "The Weight".....The Band
    "Peace of Mind".....Boston
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    So for the purpose of
    >this game you're marooned ona desert island with your iPod (or whatever

    >player you'd like). But you can only have 10 songs.

    The question is not possible to answer.

    Stealers Wheel-Stuck in the Middle With You
    Van Morrison-Wavelength
    Bob Dylan-Hurricane
    Cheap Trick-I Want You to Want Me
    Pilate-Into Your Hideout
    AB Logic- The Hitman
    Waterboys-The Whole of the Moon
    Stranglers-Skin Deep
    AC Acoustics-Crush
    Inxs-This Time
    AC DC-Back In Black
    Breeding Ground-Reunion
    Our Lady Peace-Naveed
    Altered Images-I Could be Happy
    Jimmy Eat World-Lucky Denver Mint
    Argent-Hold Your Head Up
    Pete Yorn-For Nancy
    Malcom Mclaren-Madam Butterfly
    Steve Miller Band-The Joker
    Steely Dan-Reeling In The Years
    Smashing Pumpkins-1979
    U2-Where the Streets Have No Name
    Spinners-Rubberband Man
    Bruce Springsteen-Candy's Room
    Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil
    David Bowie-Heroes
    Nada Surf-Hyperspace
    Rod Stewart-Maggie May
    Pretenders-2000 Miles
    Prince-Let's Go Crazy
    Cuba-Cross the Line
    Pet Shop Boys-West End Girls
    Hit List-Into the Fire
    New Order-Your Silent Face
    Rainer Maria-Thought I Was
    Semisonic-Singing in my Sleep
    Charlatans UK-The Only One I Know
    GW McLennan-Then
    Big Audio Dynamite-The Medicine Show
    Belle and Sebastian-Sleep the Clock Around
    Lo Fidelity All Stars-Battleflag
    Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill
    Yes-Yours is no Disgrace
    Peter Gabriel-Solsbury Hill
    Black Sabbath-Changes
    Flash and the Pan-Hey St Peter
    Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Yo La Tengo-Cherry Chapstick
    World Party-Way Down Now
    Elton John-Teacher I Need You
    Talking Heads-once in a Lifetime
    Touch and Go-Would You
    Ike and Tina Turner-Proud Mary
    Texas-Say What You Want
    Freuer-Doot Doot
    Underworld-Born Slippy
    Radiohead-High and Dry
    Bill Nelson-Wildest Dreams
    Stevie Wonder-Superstition
    Jesus and Mary Chain-Head on
    Bad Finger-Come and Get It
    Iggy Pop-Real Wild Child
    Third Eye Blind-Graduate
    Nick Lowe-Cruel To Be Kind
    Temptations-Just My Imagination
    Moody Blues-Go Now
    Thinkman-The Formula
    Pulp-Disco 2000
    Tom Robinson-The Real Thing
    Sly and the Family Stone-I Want to take You Higher
    Fat Boy Slim-Going Out of My head
    REM-Radio Free Europe
    Weeping Tile-South of Me
    Simple Minds-Alive And Licking
    Beach Boys-Help Me Rhonda
    Style Council-Long hot Summer
    Beatles-While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    The Nails-88 lines About 44 Women
    Topper Headon-Time Is Tight
    The Clash-The Magnificent Seven
    Joe Strummer-Yalla Yalla
    Primitive Radio Gods-Standing Outside A broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
    The The-This is the Day
    Strawbs-Round and Round
    Soft Cell-say hello, Wave Goodbye
    Camper Van Beethoven-Take The Skinheads Bowling
    Doves-The Cedar Room
    Bob Seger-Hollywood Nights
    Echoboy-Kit and Holly
    ELO-The Diary of Horace Wimp
    ELP-I Believe in Father Christmas
    Icicle Works-Whisper To A Scream
    Siouxsie and the Banshees-Spellbound
    Led Zeppelin-Going To California

    I haven't even started thinking about it. I could
    easily add that Death in Vegas track by tafnut too.
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    I don't know what ya'll are talking about. Just give me a George Strait cd.
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    Impossible to answer, of course, but fun nonethless... Here's the first 10 that come to mind:
    John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
    Miles Davis: Spanish Key
    Hendrix: Machine Gun
    Dick Dale: The Victor
    Grateful Dead: Dark Star
    Clash: London Calling
    Bad Brains: Secret 77
    Rage Against the Machine: I'm Housin
    White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
    Bach: any one of the Brandenburg Concertos
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    Here's mine (may choose more later as I've been drinking Champaigne at the beach all day, memory is a bit shaky)

    The Clash London Calling
    Led Zep Stairway to Heaven
    Kate Bush Wuthering Hieghts
    Joan Armatrading Love & Affection
    Beatles Elanor Rigby
    U2 Beautiful Day
    The Jam Going Underground
    Dave Matthews Crash
    David Bowie Changes
    Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
    Kuha1 and marknhj have some strange ideas of what constitutes a song. Neither the Brandenburg Concerti nor the 1812 Overture are songs, by any stretch of the imagination. (Hey, I didn't write the rules.)

    Here's my list. It's just songs--no operatic arias, no pieces from oratorios, requiems, etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or more of my faves, but these came to mind pretty quickly. In no particular order:

    Strauss - Belm Schlafengehen (from the Vier Letzte Lieder)
    Elgar - Sabbath Morning at Sea (from Sea Pictures)
    Elgar - Sea Slumber Song (from Sea Pictures)
    Schubert - Ave Marie
    Schubert - Morgengruss (from Die Schoene Mullerin)
    Mahler - Um Mitternacht (from the Ruckertlieder)
    Rachmaninoff - Sing not in My Presence, Dear Beauty (I can't do cyrillic so . . .)
    Nielsen - Saa Bittert Van Mit Hjerte
    Vaughn Williams - Rise Heart (Five Mystical Songs)
    Berlioz - Villanelle (Nuits d'Ete)
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    Re: You, A Desert Island & Your iPod
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    Gee, thanks a lot tandfman - now the rest of us look like redneck trash. I was feeling good about mine, classic rock, y'know, but now I'm feeling very inadequate.
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