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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfmiler2 View Post
    The moon landing and fall of the Berlin Wall were happy moments in history. Most of the other big moments mentioned were sad moments.
    it is kind of sad to think the deaths of Sadat and Rabin made bigger impressions on me than Camp David or Oslo Accord. So I will post about a positive surprise here.

    In February 1986, I was travelling Nagasaki prefecture. On my last day of trip, I casually picked up a newspaper (Nikkei) in the hotel lobby and found out that Marcos had been just ousted from power. I knew that people were demonstrating on the streets of Manila after a big controversy over the election a few weeks earlier. But I did not see this coming. What I didn't know at the time was some major development that had taken place a few days earlier, like the Defense Minister and the Joint Chief of Staff giving up on Marcos. (I was not following the news closely during my trip.) Similar things have happened since, but this was the first of so-called "color revolutions." And I don't have any vivid memory of how I learned about all the later color revolutions or where I was when I first learned about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyp View Post
    Sputnik. I remember seeing it at night.
    Coronation of Q2. Watched it on Telly but the set died.
    Suez crisis 1956. Was the only Yank in school (U.K.) and was given a hard time
    JFK assasination
    Moon landing.
    I remember seeing Echo in 1960 at night...
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    I do recall Telstar and the first live telecasts between Europe and the USA. Which forever changed Olympic coverage.
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    Tough call but 11/22/63 is up there. ..

    Quote Originally Posted by user4 View Post
    I remember that day well, I was in a strip club in Dallas, just having a few whiskey sours for lunch and smoking a rich flavorful Pall Mall cigarette. I would roll into this club in Dallas often after a morning of work west of there. I had the Univ. of Texas football team on my mind, really thought they could go all the way.

    The news of the events flashed on the screen, wow what a flamingo kick to the shins. Now realize back then I didnt really follow news and politics but even guy like me in excavation and construction knew enough to know this was bad for Texas. Id say by the time I got word it was probably at least an hour after the actual events.

    Jack, the owner of the bar, normally a jovial, gregarious, talkative and outgoing fellow was absolutely shocked. Friends, he looked ashen and withdrawn, clearly disturbed and deeply distraught. Honestly, as I took another drag of that cigarette, Jack looked like he was carrying the world on his shoulders.

    (I remember thinking as I watched him that he was a totally different man from the late 1950s years when he would regale us about his certain hopes for a new business venture in Cuba where he was going to really make it big).

    Well Jack then told us that he just came back from Parkland Memorial hospital, he was always where the action was.

    Well conversation at the bar became really labored when he told us he had to close the place early, saying that he wanted to get over to the Dallas Police Station later for the big press conference on the shooting. Wow, I thought, he was really emotionally invested in this thing, into this deep.

    I knew then that it was time for me to go as I knew i was not going to be able to place a bet on a college football game there that day, so I grabbed my hat, left a tip and never thought about it or him again .. until now... Thanks for reminding me.
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