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    1500m sub 3.40.00 list
    I am attempting to create a list of sub 3:40.00 performances. The list as at 31.12.94 is short of the following, the time & performer in placing as follows. Any help in finding this info would be much appreciated.
    1 Cork 13-Jul-82
    2 Cork 13-Jul-82
    3 Cork 13-Jul-82
    1 Kusoc Lublin 17-Jun-83
    3 h2 TAC Indianapolis IN 17-Jun-83
    1 Cork 13-Jul-83
    2 Cork 13-Jul-83
    5 DN Galan Stockholm 02-Jul-84
    7 DN Galan Stockholm 02-Jul-84
    3 Debrecen 04-Aug-84
    1 Victoria 08-Jun-88
    2 Victoria 08-Jun-88
    5 Jerez de la Frontera 28-Jun-88
    3 Århus 06-Jul-88
    1 GDRvsITA Neubrandenburg 10-Jul-88
    1 Lisboa 04-Jun-89
    3 Westwood CA 06-Aug-89
    1 Nyköping 03-Jul-90
    1 Hasselt 04-Aug-90
    1 Kassel 12-Jun-92
    1 Kessel 07-Aug-92
    1 PTS Bratislava 01-Jun-93
    9 APM Hengelo 20-Jun-93
    5 Luzern 29-Jun-93
    1 r2 Athletissi Lausanne 07-Jul-93
    1 Saint-Maur 07-Jul-93
    1 Saint-Maur 28-Jul-93
    2 Duisburg 12-Jun-94
    1 Luzern 29-Jun-94
    2 Luzern 29-Jun-94
    2 TSB Edinburgh 08-Jul-94
    3 TSB Edinburgh 08-Jul-94
    3 Padova 10-Jul-94
    7 Rhede 29-Jul-94
    2 iDAG Göteborg 24-Aug-94
    3 iDAG Göteborg 24-Aug-94
    4 iDAG Göteborg 24-Aug-94
    5 iDAG Göteborg 24-Aug-94
    1 Duisburg 12-Jun-91
    4 Pepsi Westwood CA 13-May-84
    2 San Donato Milanese 15-Jun-89
    2 Chapel Hill NC 16-May-92
    3 Chapel Hill NC 16-May-92
    2 Loughborough 17-Jun-84
    4 Nike Classic London 18-Aug-84
    5 Nike Classic London 18-Aug-84
    1 Harlow 20-Aug-89
    7 Izv Kyiv 24-Jun-84
    3 La Coruña 26-Jul-91
    3 Jerez de la Frontera 28-Jun-88
    6 World Games Helsinki 29-Jun-89
    7 World Games Helsinki 29-Jun-89
    5 San Donato Milanese 30-May-92
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    Just using http://www.alltime-athletics.com/m_mileok.htm , it looks like the 1500 is the enroute time for a mile race. The first four in the mile race are:
    3:49.42 Sydney Maree
    3:49.90 Steve Cram
    3:50.01 John Walker
    3:50.64 Graham Williamson

    I'm guessing that Williamson's enroute hand time made it to the 1500 list, since he was leading at that point, but no time was taken for the others. Just a guess, though.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for - it seems you want the names and performances for specific positions in certain races because you somehow know these will all be below a limit of 3:40.00 ? Maybe I misunderstood ?

    You wanted the names and times from DN Galan in 1984 for 5th and 7th - the results are in here - https://www.milesplit.com/meets/177172/results/309451. However, this shows Hakan Kaneberg was 5th in 3:41.43, which doesn't meet you criteria ?!?
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    The TSB Edinburgh result from 1994 is in here...


    1. Steve Holman (USA) 3:38.30.
    2. Mall Bruton (Ireland) 3:38.89.
    3. Graham Hood (Can) 3:39.12;
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    That would be Niall Bruton, not Mall.
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    Hi ianb, Firstly thanks for showing some interest in this project. The project is actually a Sub 3:40.00 Chronicle, showing races where this was achieved. I think 'milesplit' may have it wrong and Kaneberg was actually 9th. It would help if somewhere the full race result existed, maybe in AW, TFNewsletter,Leichtatletik. I have Tom Smith(USA) as 6th and Claudio Patrignani(ITA) 9th. Smiths time is shown as 3:38.88 which is open to question as all my sources show 4th as Timo Lehto(FIN) 3:38.92 !!! Thanks for the 1994 TSB result will enter this in the 'Chronicle'.
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    Thank you Master403, again all help is much appreciated. I am wondering do i have to be a member of UPI archives to research other missing results ?
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    Victoria 08-Jun-'88. 1. David Campbell, Canada 3:39.28.
    Trying to find the 2nd place finisher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsb3 View Post
    Victoria 08-Jun-'88. 1. David Campbell, Canada 3:39.28.
    Trying to find the 2nd place finisher.
    Jeff Atkinson 3:39.58
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