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    Interesting that the record-setter says he hopes to be competitive in HJ and LJ for UT-Arlington this year. He is listed on their roster as a junior, with no details on his experience.

    He participated in track & field at Boswell HS (Ft. Worth, TX) from 2013-2016, where, of course, he also played football. T&F marks were primarily in the hurdles (PRs of 16.67nwi and 41.93), according to the data at athletic.net.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gm View Post
    I don't know that you have ever been convinced of anything by anyone here, no matter their degrees/qualifications
    Hey now, I just deferred to bambam on the golf shot thing, and I, unlike many others here, actually DO respect people with credentials! We all defer to the doctors here on med stuff, and I can think of other examples where I have recognized others' expertise in fields. I am a very experienced coach, but have never tried to contradict guru in his relay expertise.
    I even realize that your position in USATF supercedes much of what I think I know, and I read your posts to gain insight into your perspective. I spar with gh all the time, but I think we all know that his expertise eclipses most of the rest of us combined, with the exception of a few like tandfman, rh, dj, and that stripe.
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    Noticed he is jumping on to a soft surface, not a solid "box". That's worth an inch or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I can't visualize any way that a guy who can put his butt over a bar at 6'3, can't go at least 5'9 in the box jump. If you watch the box-jump video, you see his butt and feet are both at 5'5 at his finish. His knees are up at his chin.
    There are many WRs in track & field like this. Krause's 2000mSC is the most recent example. Beatrice Chepkoech can easily break that record. But she hasn't tried. At least not officially.

    And I suspect there are many more "world records" in Guiness Book that can be easily broken if someone makes a serious attempt. This guy found his niche and got his 15 min of fame. But now that he made the headline, other people may try to better him.
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    What about the one-legged HJ WR? Someone with one leg jumped 6'8" on television back in 1979. Has anyone jumped 7 feet since then?
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