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    Flanagan Retiring
    Shalane Flanagan announced she is retiring. I had hoped she had one more attempt in her for the Olympics. Runners World once had a good pic of her from a high school XC race in the snow. Her 10K medal and NY win are two of my favorite moments in the sport. She's a Mass native so I'm biased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 502CD View Post
    She's a Mass native so I'm biased.
    Wiki sez she was born in Colorado.
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    Flanagan was born in Boulder, Colorado, and at age 4 moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts,
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    One of the best ever distance runners to come from the US, from track to road to xc.
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    Outstanding runner and career. OT marathon in 2016 is another favorite moment. Here is a RW profile from 203, that also includes a HS XC pic, in the snow.

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    My favorite Flanagan moment was her bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics. What made it special is that I happen to know her mother, and during the last few laps, after her daughter dropped the eventual 4th place finisher, NBC started cutting away to her after every lap as the emotion began to build to a climax and eventual tears at the finish.
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