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    I don't put much weight in being undefeated at all. It favours those that don't compete much or avoid their biggest rivals.

    Obviously if you've raced everyone all year and won that should be rewarded but losing a couple of times against fierce competition shouldn't be penalised too much especially if the loses are inconsequential when compared to the victories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckySpikes View Post
    Five defeats in 14 finals (I miscounted initially) is still too much though when you're going up against athletes who have also gone up against the best, have much better W-L ratios and have also set stellar marks.
    I counted 15 races for Hassan, which means she won 66.7% of her races, compared to 71.4% for Muhammad. That's not such a big difference.
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    Naser's crazy-long season continues, winning the World Military Games in a CR of 50.15. As with some of her DL runs, it did look like she could have gone faster had she wished, (the way she responded to Miller on her inside on the final turn, running away from her when she noticed her, suggested she wasn't flat out). This is not surprising though, when she is also entered in the 200 and both relays!

    Though not a hugely significant meet, it's another fast time, a title, and a run against some decent competition. It can only help her argument to be considered as AOY.

    An unrelated to AOY side note: I know some folk have cast doubts on her, but in her defense she has raced all over the circuit, all year. There's been no preparing behind closed doors and only coming out at the major champs, so we have to applaud that.
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