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    Quote Originally Posted by wamego relays champ View Post
    Pela's list is wrong about the time for this mark. The time you originally had listed (20.0), is correct.

    The IAAF World Record Progression (rhymans) confirms the wind was 1.0. [It also indicates that while one of four watches was hand-time 19.9, the other three were 20.0 and 20.0 was ratified].

    Of course you probably already knew that.
    I think pela is listing the 19.9 as a conversion from 20.0y, though the notation isn't quite obvious; and it's a bit confusing to show it as a converted "19.9y" while also showing Smith's 19.5 as a non-converted 19.5y. (Smith was officially timed in 19.5 for both 200m and 220y, which is presumably the reason for that oddity.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tandfman View Post
    bambam--I assume you're keeping score. Can you post a list of what's left to be found. I may be able to come up with a few.
    Yes, this has been tremendous - thanx to all. Here is what is remaining - mostly older marks and women:

    Event Gdr Mark1 Wind GN SN Location Nation Event Day Month Year
    110 m H/120 yd H M 13.4 ??? Lee Calhoun Stanford, California USA US Olympic Trials 2 July 1960
    110 m H/120 yd H M 13.4 ??? Lee Calhoun Walnut, California USA Pre-Olympic Test 12 August 1960
    Triple Jump M 16.65 ??? Art Walker Berkeley, California USA All-American Invitational 16 July 1966
    Triple Jump M 16.74 ??? Art Walker Los Angeles, California USA International Meet 23 July 1966
    100 m F 11.3 ??? Wilma Rudolph Moskva RUS URS - USA International Dual Meet 15 July 1961
    100 m F 11.1A ??? Wyomia Tyus Ciudad México, Distrito Federal MEX Pre-Olympic Test 21 April 1968
    Long Jump F 6.55 ??? Martha Watson Modesto, California USA California Relays 27 May 1972
    Long Jump F 6.58 ??? Martha Watson Minsk BLR 24 July 1973
    Long Jump F 6.59 ??? Martha Watson Stockholm SWE 18 July 1974
    Long Jump F 6.59 ??? Kathy McMillan Raeford, North Carolina USA 12 April 1976
    Long Jump F 6.65 ??? Kathy McMillan Knoxville, Tennessee USA 24 April 1976
    Long Jump F 6.75 ??? Kathy McMillan Knoxville, Tennessee USA 24 April 1976
    Long Jump F 6.78 ??? Kathy McMillan Westwood, California USA 12 June 1976
    Long Jump F 6.89 ??? Jodi Anderson Westwood, California USA 10 June 1978
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    And there are many marks before 1960 without wind readings but I only started looking at that date as I doubt we'll find many earlier marks, except Olympics and those we have already.
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