Seen a few members expressing their thoughts on the WCs but there's no real thread so I figured to make one.

The Good:

Performance wise I think it was a great and memorable event. A lot of moments I won't forget and I'll go back and regularly watch video of.

The light show for intros I thought was corny at first but as the championships went on I started to love it. Will be interesting to see if the IOC will do the same for Tokyo 2020.

The Bad:

Location. Many were against it for various reasons but to see that stadium empty the whole meet, especially considering the performances we got was so so sad to see. Obviously there's a cloud around Doha being selected in the 1st place, but just on the surface it should've been in another city AND at its normal time in mid-August.

The new graphics the IAAF introduced in Doha were cool but slight adjustments need to be made. I was annoyed a WR/CR graphic during track races wasn't present, also the position of the clock needed to be altered. On all streaming platforms (IAAF, NBC Gold, BBC) its partially blocked (for me at least).

The Ugly:

The Doha schedule was the worst I've ever seen for a WC or Olympic Games. It played a part in many withdrawals throughout the meet. That should never happen again.