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    Top 400m races based on IAAF scores for the medallists. Source:IAAF

    Competition Competitor Mark Score ScoreTot
    Helsinki (FIN)|1983.8.10| Jarmila KRATOCHVÍLOVÁ 47.99 1288
    Taťána KOCEMBOVÁ 48.59 1263
    Mariya KULCHUNOVA 49.19 1238 3789
    Atlanta (USA)|1996.7.29| Marie-José PEREC 48.25 1277
    Cathy FREEMAN 48.63 1261
    Falilat OGUNKOYA-OSHEKU 49.10 1242 3780
    Doha (QAT)|2019.10.3|f1 Salwa Eid NASER 48.14 1281
    Shaunae MILLER-UIBO 48.37 1272
    Shericka JACKSON 49.47 1227 3780
    Canberra (AUS)|1985.10.6| Marita KOCH 47.60 1304
    Olga BRYZGINA 48.27 1276
    Lillie LEATHERWOOD 50.43 1188 3768
    Praha (TCH)|1984.8.16| Marita KOCH 48.16 1281
    Taťána KOCEMBOVÁ 48.73 1257
    Olga BRYZGINA 49.52 1225 3763
    Los Angeles (USA)|1984.8.6| Valerie BRISCO-HOOKS 48.83 1253
    Chandra CHEESEBOROUGH 49.05 1244
    Kathy COOK 49.43 1229 3726
    Barcelona (ESP)|1992.8.5| Marie-José PEREC 48.83 1253
    Olga BRYZGINA 49.05 1244
    Ximena RESTREPO 49.64 1220 3717
    Athina (GRE)|1982.9.8| Marita KOCH 48.16 1281
    Jarmila KRATOCHVÍLOVÁ 48.85 1252
    Taťána KOCEMBOVÁ 50.55 1183 3716
    Erfurt (GER)|1984.6.2| Marita KOCH 48.86 1252
    Sabine BUSCH 49.24 1236
    Dagmar NEUBAUER 49.58 1222 3710
    Stuttgart (GER)|1986.8.28| Marita KOCH 48.22 1278
    Olga BRYZGINA 49.67 1219
    Petra SCHERSING 49.88 1210 3707
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    If you want to go beyond medal positions, heres a look at races with the most sub-50s times:

    Competition Sub50 ScoreTot MeanTime
    Atlanta (USA)|1996.7.29| 6 7454 49.10
    Doha (QAT)|2019.10.3|f1 5 6223 49.04
    Praha (TCH)|1984.8.16| 5 6181 49.25
    Barcelona (ESP)|1992.8.5| 5 6143 49.43
    Sydney (AUS)|2000.9.25| 5 6102 49.63
    Seoul (KOR)|1988.9.25|sf1 5 6100 49.65
    Helsinki (FIN)|1983.8.10| 4 5005 48.88
    Los Angeles (USA)|1984.8.6| 4 4935 49.31
    Berlin (GER)|2009.8.18| 4 4911 49.45
    Tokyo (JPN)|1991.8.27| 4 4897 49.54
    Paris-St-Denis (FRA)|2003.8.27| 4 4894 49.56
    Monaco (MON)|1996.8.10| 4 4889 49.59
    London (GBR)|2012.8.5| 4 4875 49.68
    Athina (GRE)|2004.8.24| 4 4869 49.71
    Monaco (MON)|1997.8.16| 4 4856 49.79
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    great stats!
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    If you are interested in the rarefied air of sub-49.50s:

    Competition Sub49.50 ScoreTot MeanTime
    Atlanta (USA)|1996.7.29| 4 5015 48.82
    Helsinki (FIN)|1983.8.10| 3 3789 48.59
    Doha (QAT)|2019.10.3|f1 3 3780 48.66
    Los Angeles (USA)|1984.8.6| 3 3726 49.10

    Based on simple addition of rankings across those three different views, the "best" competition is Atlanta:
    1. Atlanta 2+1+1=4
    2. Doha 3+2+3=8
    3. Helsinki 1+7+2=10
    4. Los Angeles 6+8+4=18
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    Quote Originally Posted by t_monk View Post
    By the way, what Naser just did to me is how Felix should do when running the 400. For me if you can run a 400 relay leg as fast as she does she can go 48.low if she gets her race tactic well. I am excited for the women 400 with the likes of Naser, SMU, Jackson, Francis and Jonathas. You can expect a lot of really gutsy runs. No pussyfooting around a la what Ohuguru used to do.

    We’re going to have more people trying to do these gutsy runs knowing that there are easily 5 persons who can (if they get their race just perfect with a gutsy run) they can run a 48.xx.

    I genuinely think Jackson, Francis, Irby, Felix and Jonathas can all go 48.xx if they’re fit, ready and willing to run a gutsy race.
    Miller showed a lot of "guts" in 2017 and Felix chased her and neither of them broke 50s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiederganger View Post
    I'll repeat a few things I've said before, only in one post:
    Naser runs as fast as she needs to on the circuit.
    SMU should have run more 400s this year
    SMU should have raced Naser on the circuit prior to Doha this year

    On race pattern, the stats clearly show SMU got it slightly off, her middle part of the race was too conservative for the form she was in. The way she was frantically running after Naser in the home straight, she should have been closer.
    This isnt taking anything away from Naser's amazing run, we're just analysing the race, as some of us like to do. I think Nasers race was perfect, whereas SMUs wasnt.
    That's terrifying for the future though for SMU's competitors that she ran 48.37 despite getting it ''wrong''.

    I do think the lanes played a bit of a role, I think running conservative suits the inside lanes if your outside you have to give it everything because you just cant see what anyone else is doing, but given SMU has in the past had a history of overcooking it I can completely understand why this time she went more conservative. Maybe in Tokyo she'll fine the perfect happy medium between the two and get it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFelixFan View Post
    Wow, I think that just may have been the greatest race I've ever seen.

    It's been nine hours and I still can't believe it. Naser ran what is effectively the actual WR, and she led by some margin at 300m! Miller-Uibo reacted quickly when she saw how far back she was, but Naser had something left in the home-straight and held her off.
    You mean SMU ran the actual WR right?
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    Why is it seemingly a given that SMU got it wrong? She ran a little faster than I expected.

    How good is the 300m split compared to the World Best?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 26mi235 View Post
    Why is it seemingly a given that SMU got it wrong? She ran a little faster than I expected.

    How good is the 300m split compared to the World Best?
    I'm not entirely sure she did get it wrong, and she did apparently spend quite a while being sick afterwards so she obviously gave a lot of herself to run that fast. It just seemed in the last 80 that she had more in the tank than Naser, but that is to be expected given the different approaches they took to the race. The middle portion of her race seems conservative going off the splits, but equally she ran a massive pb and a Commonwealth record so did incredible someone else just did even better.

    I would like to see SMU get a inside lane in one of these champs though, just to see what effect that has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guru View Post
    Sure. But like I said she had A LOT in the tank on that final 100.
    So did Naser.

    No guarantee that what she had in the tank would’ve been there, had she gone with Naser pace.

    See 2017. Or 2016 for that matter...even in beating Felix & winning Gold...ran slower than she likely would’ve with a more controlled pace. (They Both did actually)
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