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    mechanical running aids and speed bands?

    can anybody on here recommend the best i.e. mechanical running aids, I'm thinking of the puma-bot or other similar type aids that might be available, i am not sure if that puma bot is read in public?

    if not mechanical running aids are there high speed bands which can attach to a wall or something else instead of another person, in which the speed or velocity can be controlled so you can choose how fast you can run, this would of course be more sprint based?

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    when I see "speed bands" the first thing that comes to mind is Metallica or Guns N' Roses :-)
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    I purchased a speed band on-line several years ago. It was designed to be attached to a football goalpost with the runner (otherwise known as the "innocent victim" or "recently deceased") came up to speed and passed close to the goal post. A friend nicknamed it The Wiley Coyote speed trainer.

    God be with you........
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    thanks guys/gals for the recommendations, i don't know if that puma beat bot is available for public purchase, might have to inquire.
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