I couldn't help but get a good laugh at watching this again...


And we thought the U.S. had it bad. This might be enough of a PR disaster for China that the replay is restricted at their video sites. They just can't catch a break now...

(1) Rio 2016: China qualifies 4th in the 1st heat and 8th overall (42.60), while a collision on the middle exchange in the 2nd heat knocks out Brazil and the U.S. It is determined that Brazil caused the collision and is disqualified, and following a protest the U.S. is given a second chance. They qualify easily (41.77), and China is knocked out of the final. The Chinese counterprotest is denied. The U.S. win gold in 41.01, in lane 1.

(2) London 2017: Ge Manqi, on 3rd leg, takes off too soon after waiting for Wei Yongli to arrive down the backstraight with the stick, and China is wiped out in the 2nd heat.

(3) Doha 2019: This time, with Kong Lingwei on 3rd leg and Ge Manqi on anchor, and .08 from the NR (42.23)--which might just be enough to steal a spot on the podium--Ge, quite probably panicking after watching Morolake Akinosun pass Kong on the inside, and Mujinga Kambundji about to pass Kong on the outside, takes off too soon and is out of the zone before the stick arrives. Cue the Benny Hill music for the rest of the story.

With Ge being the author of the last 2 of 3 mishaps for the Chinese, they may either drop her from the relay next year or put her on leadoff. She ran a PR 11.04 in Lausanne this summer.