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    what a race and what a finish! 25ish second PB for Lomong, Canadian record 26:59 for Ahmed.
    I agree. Lopez hung on better than I would have expected. And great to see Ahmed perform so well!
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    During the telecast, NBC showed the clip of Gebrhiwet miscounting the lap in a DL race. Masback said the only time he had seen that was back in 1970s with Yifter. And I thought "I remember when Lopez Lomong did the same thing." (I think it was Oxy meet in 2012. David Torrence went with him, and later insisted he was aware of the correct count, but covered Lomong's move anyway.)That would have been a more appropriate reference since Lomong was also in this race.
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    I was surprised when Gebrhiwet dropped back, since he won the Ethiopian trial in 26:48 over Barega and Kejelcha. Cheptegei also finished very well at Pre, winning the 2 Mile, a race too short for him. This race was like fartlek -- fast, slow, fast, slow, kilos in 2:40 and 2:43 alternating. Rhonex needed to go harder with 4 to go, but perhaps he just couldn't, being close to his PB as it was.
    Anybody who found this race boring is not a fan of distance running!
    Lots of it was in a pretty small window, but I could still get my splits and follow the action. Still want a races-only stream for Tokyo.
    Too bad Kiplimo was not able to compete.
    Alan Shank
    exhausted, in Woodland, CA, USA
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