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    It sounds as if the course was measured with the assumption that the runners would have access to the bike lane, which would make what he did ok.
    Yes, that's how we measured it where applicable. We didn't measure in the bike lane on the straight sections if it was not the SPR (Shortest possible path). Many of the street corners in CPH morph into the bike lanes. I measured the course with Maurice Winterman of the Netherlands who is one of the best in the world. We measured within a meter of each other over the full distance and spot on for all the 5k points. I had to be in Tokyo this past weekend but Maurice was in CPH and he checked the placement of all the km points and fencing. He also road along side the runners during the race to validate that they ran the course that was measured.
    He also ran slightly long when he was directed to the left lanes of the final 400 meters. He should have been directed to the right side. But we are only talking about a meter or two. Also, remember that we add 21 meters to the measurement as recommended.
    Between CPH and Tokyo, this nerd (me) had a great weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berkeley View Post
    I wonder who dreamed up the flowers idea ... I'm pretty sure it was not a thing a couple of decades ago. Maybe the same official who is advocating eliminating the 200m or triple jump.
    Someone else sent me this email which explains the flowers....Interflora was a sponsor and wanted a product placement....from their web site....

    "Interflora went on to sponsor all sorts of events throughout the nineties. From figure skating, to athletics, to the Commonwealth Games: the Interflora name was seen all over the world. In 1992, we even sponsored F1 racing driver Nigel Mansell, who went on to win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was a proud day for British sports fans - and for us too."
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