Now that we’re in the lull before the WC, it’s time to consider Doha as a venue and as a WC. What shall we expect?

My take is that it will be the most ‘honest’ global championships . . . ever.
Yes, the doping authorities seem to be stricter than ever before, but I’m mostly talking about the level of performances. With the first climate-controlled outdoor championships, the environmental conditions will be taken out of the equation – not too hot, not too cool, no rain, but most importantly, NO WIND . . . helping, hurting or affecting performances whatsoever. So the sprints will be ‘basic’; the other races won’t have any portion be wind-in-the-face. The discus and javelin throws will fly true. No (un)lucky breaks.

The track/runways are state-of-the-art, i.e., fast.

I think we’re in store for some exceptional performances. Or is this wishful thinking?

Lots of questions to be answered:

Was Coleman affected by his drug near-miss. Is Gatlin’s leg OK? Is Blake back?
Is Lyles a lock?
Norman-Kerley rematch. James back?
Is Brazier ready for greatness?
Can JInge hang with TCher long enough to kick?
A non-Kenyan mSt champ? Kenya-Ethiopia dual meet in the 5/10?
Where do the collegians fit in the 100H?
Warholm-Benj match-race!
USA-Jam relays.
HJ mess finally cleaned up.
Epic PV showdown.
Finally some fireworks in LJ?
Can CT hold off Claye?
SP – event of the meet!
Can Dacres challenge Stahl?
Poles 1-2 in HT?
Germans or Kirt/Cheng?
Mayer WR?

The Jam queens or the Brit?
If SMU can go, she wins! Seyni there?
Wilson continues domination?
I like Houlihan’s chances in the 1500!
Coburn breaks up Kenya sweep?
Hassan 5/10 double win?
Amis shunted to bronze in 100H?
McL-Muh in WR?
More Jam-USA relays
Lev upset over Lasits?
Amis shut out in PV?
Mihambo unchallenged?
Rojas big mark?
Ami SP medal?
Top 3 finally sorted out in DT
Ami HT medal?
Lyu over Aus/Eur challenge?
Thiam dominates?