Noticed in the .pdf file of entries by event/seasonal best: W MAR
Elvan Abeylegesse TUR 11 Sep 82 PB 2:29:30 no SB (ran 2:32 in 11/18)
She qualifies as a TFP, but I don't know via what event.

She was suspended from 9/29/2015 thru 9/28/2017, based on a test from August 2007, during the Osaka WC, in which she was 2nd to Tirunesh Dibaba in the 10,000. All of her great performances through 2009 were DQ'd, including her 29:56.34 10,000 in 2008 that pushed Dibaba under 30. Her double win in the 2010 Euros is intact, however. Her 2:29:30 dates from 2013.

Before she was nailed, I always admired her as a competitor; she was not afraid to push the pace. She made that 2008 10,000 by forcing the pace, then out-kicked Meseret Defar Sylvia Kibet and Vivian Cheruiyot for 2nd behind TD in the very slow 5000.

She's 37 now.
Alan Shank