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As far as running events go, I think it's important to get the best shots DURING the competition, then all of the block camera, foot camera, overhead camera, etc., shots post-race.

Head-on shots during distance races are worthless unless only held for a couple of seconds, and only rarely during the race. Same goes for the mobile camera next to the runners. It's nice to see a two man struggle for a couple of seconds, but not to the exclusion of the overall race.
Hear, hear!!
I watched a video ad for the FaceCam. My fear is that they are going to show that, then switch back to the view from the side just as they fire the gun, so we have to re-focus as the runners charge out of their blocks. The directors in general have no clue how to present athletics optimally to follow the action (or no interest in doing so).

On another note, I have sent e-mails to the IAAF and media@diamondleague.com pleading for split-screen coverage of longer races when they break away for field-event coverage. Each DL meet has a different TV provider, but the IAAF/DL could make it a requirement.
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