snippets from home-page-linked article:

Two miniature cameras have been installed in each starting block . . . . broadcasting the first pictures of athletes’ faces in the moment before they hear the starting pistol, and capturing the explosion of energy as the athletes leave the blocks.

Seiko will also introduce an improved Start Video System, video distance measurement for shot put and new LED sand pit event boards . . .

new cameras . . . placed on . . . drones, rail and wire cameras on the back straight, a rail camera in the tunnel between the warm-up track and stadium, a super slo-mo remote camera in the discus cage, and hand-held cameras for athletes to take on victory laps.

[New graphics] will display the maximum speed reached by sprinters during a race, and their finishing speed, the speed of take off in long jump, triple jump and pole vault, the distance achieved in each of the three phases of the triple jump, and the speed and angle of release of the long throws.
Great ideas all!