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Field events can be split into two categories - those that shoot for a preset distance (PV and HJ) and those in which athletes can go for a record (PR, CR, NR, WR) on every effort. From a spectator standpoint I much prefer the second group.

The men's PV, for instance: I'd much prefer to see Mondo shoot for a WR every time he's on the runway, instead of taking shots and wasting energy at the 5.5m range - shoot for a WR on every single effort.

Like the rest of the field events, six attempts max with a cull of the herd after three. No moving standards or placing bars – just let electronic eyes determine the lowest height that 100% of the body clears. And have the electronics create a crossbar of light that can be set at the vaulter's requested height to give them a target.

It would make the event more exciting and probably cut down on overall attempts, so less time needed.
The PV, as is, is near perfect. I enjoy watching the buildup. HJ is just as interesting.