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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasuke View Post
    Thank you all guys. I wasn't shocked since I was in the leading positions in the last meetings but I wouldn't have ever expected to win by mid season. Sometimes it was luck, sometimes I chose athletes who weren't mass-selected. I don't think there will be "material" prices but I feel the satisfaction. Even more because I was in Brussels watching live on Friday.
    Congratulations, Sasuke.
    For the second consecutive year a win of T&F forum and Italy.
    (In t&f Italy only wins these things )
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    Congrats Sasuke. And congrats everyone for another year down for the game. Always stressful and fun.
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    Congrats to Sasuke! That was strategic genius at its best! And some luck thrown in there as well. I proclaim you the morning line favorite for the Atstat 2019 WC contest in a few weeks.
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    Congrats to Sasuke, excellent work!

    I think this was my worst year ever by a long way.
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