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    where's Seyni? (split)
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    But then I go and rewatch that Lausanne 400 and remind myself Naser and Seyni are very real threats. I still think it will be SMU> Naser > Seyni...
    I'm calling the Doha final as SMU > Naser > Jackson.

    I think we've already seen the last of Seyni in the 400m at the professional and international level.

    - No 400m since the 49.19 almost 2 months ago, except one inside Niger
    - Skipped the Diamond League 400m final
    - Ran the 100m and 200m in the African games, even though the 400m would have been an easy gold medal and Niger's only good chance of any color medal in T&F at this year's games, and the schedule allowed for a 200m/400m double with the 400m final being a day before the 200m heats
    - No indication of being in any upcoming meets on the pro circuit
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