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    Team USATF for Doha
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    Just couldn't do it by event could they!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyp View Post
    Just couldn't do it by event could they!
    A quick sort shows that we have a full team, minus
    1 mJTer
    1 wTJer
    1 wJTer
    and some walkers.
    That's pretty impressive all by itself!
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    I'm sure somebody with better databasing skills than I can improve on this sort, but here's the chart "by event" (not in event order)

    Michael Cherry 4x400m Relay Pool
    Wil London 4x400m Relay Pool
    Solomon Simmons Decathlon
    Devon Williams Decathlon
    Harrison Williams Decathlon
    Shadrack Kipchirchir M 10,000m
    Leonard Korir M 10,000m
    Lopez Lomong M 10,000m
    Chris Belcher M 100m
    Christian Coleman M 100m
    Justin Gatlin M 100m
    Michael Rodgers M 100m
    Devon Allen M 110mH
    Grant Holloway M 110mH
    Daniel Roberts M 110mH
    Ben Blankenship M 1500m
    Matt Centrowitz M 1500m
    Craig Engels M 1500m
    Kenny Bednarek M 200m
    Christian Coleman M 200m
    Noah Lyles M 200m
    Rodney Rowe M 200m
    Andy Bayer M 3000mSC
    Hillary Bor M 3000mSC
    Stanley Kebenei M 3000mSC
    Fred Kerley M 400m
    Michael Norman M 400m
    Vernon Norwood M 400m
    Nathan Strother M 400m
    Rai Benjamin M 400mH
    TJ Holmes M 400mH
    Amere Lattin M 400mH
    Cravon Gillespie M 4x100m Relay Pool
    Paul Chelimo M 5000m
    Hassan Mead M 5000m
    Ben TRUE M 5000m
    Donavan Brazier M 800m
    Bryce Hoppel M 800m
    Brannon Kidder M 800m
    Clayton Murphy M 800m
    Mason Finley M Discus
    Sam Mattis M Discus
    Brian Williams M Discus
    Daniel Haugh M Hammer
    Conor McCullough M Hammer
    Rudy Winkler M Hammer
    Keenon Laine M High Jump
    Shelby McEwen M High Jump
    Jeron Robinson M High Jump
    Riley Dolezal M Javelin
    Michael Shuey M Javelin
    Jeff Henderson M Long Jump
    Trumaine Jefferson M Long Jump
    Steffin McCarter M Long Jump
    Andrew Epperson M Marathon
    Elkanah Kibet M Marathon
    Ahmed Osman M Marathon
    Zach Bradford M Pole Vault
    Sam Kendricks M Pole Vault
    KC Lightfoot M Pole Vault
    Cole Walsh M Pole Vault
    Ryan Crouser M Shot Put
    Darrell Hill M Shot Put
    Joe Kovacs M Shot Put
    Will Claye M Triple Jump
    Omar Craddock M Triple Jump
    Donald Scott M Triple Jump
    Christian Taylor M Triple Jump
    Jasmine Blocker Mixed 4x400m
    Obichukwu Igbokwe Mixed 4x400m
    Tyrell Richard Mixed 4x400m
    Marielle Hall W 10,000m
    Molly Huddle W 10,000m
    Emily Sisson W 10,000m
    Morolake Akinosun W 100m
    Tori Bowie W 100m
    Teahna Daniels W 100m
    English Gardner W 100m
    Nia Ali W 100mH
    Keni Harrison W 100mH
    Brianna McNeal W 100mH
    Nikki Hiltz W 1500m
    Shelby Houlihan W 1500m
    Jenny Simpson W 1500m
    Angie Annelus W 200m
    Brittany Brown W 200m
    Dezerea Bryant W 200m
    Maria Michta Coffey W 20k RW
    Emma Coburn W 3000mSC
    Courtney Frerichs W 3000mSC
    Allie Ostrander W 3000mSC
    Colleen Quigley W 3000mSC
    Kendall Ellis W 400m
    Phyllis Francis W 400m
    Wadeline Jonathas W 400m
    Shakima Wimbley W 400m
    Kori Carter W 400mH
    Sydney McLaughlin W 400mH
    Dalilah Muhammad W 400mH
    Ashley Spencer W 400mH
    Dezerea Bryant W 4x100m Relay Pool
    Kiara Parker W 4x100m Relay Pool
    Caitland Smith W 4x100m Relay Pool
    Jessica Beard W 4x400m Relay Pool
    Allyson Felix W 4x400m Relay Pool
    Courtney Okolo W 4x400m Relay Pool
    Elinor Purrier W 5000m
    Rachel Schneider W 5000m
    Karissa Schweizer W 5000m
    Katie Burnett W 50k RW
    Ce'Aira Brown W 800m
    Hanna Green W 800m
    Raevyn Rogers W 800m
    Ajee Wilson W 800m
    Valarie Allman W Discus
    Kelsey Card W Discus
    Laulauga Tausaga W Discus
    Brooke Andersen W Hammer
    Gwen Berry W Hammer
    DeAnna Price W Hammer
    Erica Bougard W Heptathlon
    Chari Hawkins W Heptathlon
    Annie Kunz W Heptathlon
    Kendell Williams W Heptathlon
    Tynita Butts W High Jump
    Vashti Cunningham W High Jump
    Inika McPherson W High Jump
    Ariana Ince W Javelin
    Kara Winger W Javelin
    Tori Bowie W Long Jump
    Brittney Reese W Long Jump
    Shakeela Saunders W Long Jump
    Jasmine Todd W Long Jump
    Kelsey Bruce W Marathon
    Carrie Dimoff W Marathon
    Roberta Groner W Marathon
    Sandi Morris W Pole Vault
    Katie Nageotte W Pole Vault
    Jenn Suhr W Pole Vault
    Michelle Carter W Shot Put
    Chase Ealey W Shot Put
    Maggie Ewen W Shot Put
    Tori Franklin W Triple Jump
    Keturah Orji W Triple Jump
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    M Marathon Ahmed Osman replaces originally announced Shadrack Biwott
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    4 heptathletes?
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    Kunz is a Wild Card for leading the Multi-Events Challenge at this point
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    100: Chris Belcher, Christian Coleman, Justin Gatlin, Michael Rodgers
    200: Kenny Bednarek, Christian Coleman, Noah Lyles, Rodney Rowe
    400: Fred Kerley, Michael Norman, Vernon Norwood, Nathan Strother
    800: Donavan Brazier, Bryce Hoppel, Brannon Kidder, Clayton Murphy
    1500: Ben Blankenship, Matthew Centrowitz, Craig Engels
    St: Andy Bayer, Hillary Bor, Stanley Kebenei
    5000: Paul Chelimo, Hassan Mead, Ben True
    10,000: Shadrack Kipchirchir, Leonard Korir, Lopez Lomong
    110H: Devon Allen, Grant Holloway, Daniel Roberts
    400H: Rai Benjamin, TJ Holmes, Amere Lattin
    Mara: Andrew Epperson, Elkanah Kibet, Ahmed Osman
    4x100 Pool: Cravon Gillespie
    4x400 Pool: Michael Cherry, Wil London
    Mixed 4x400: Obi Igbokwe, Tyrell Richard
    HJ: Keenon Laine, Shelby McEwen, Jeron Robinson
    PV: Zach Bradford, Sam Kendricks, KC Lightfoot, Cole Walsh
    LJ: Jeff Henderson, Trumaine Jefferson, Steffin McCarter
    TJ: Will Claye, Omar Craddock, Donald Scott, Christian Taylor
    SP: Ryan Crouser, Darrell Hill, Joe Kovacs
    DT: Mason Finley, Sam Mattis, Brian Williams
    HT: Daniel Haugh, Conor McCullough, Rudy Winkler
    JT: Riley Dolezal, Michael Shuey
    Dec: Solomon Simmons, Devon Williams, Harrison Williams
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    100: Morolake Akinosun, Tori Bowie, Teahna Daniels, English Gardner
    200: Angie Annelus, Brittany Brown, Dezerea Bryant
    400: Kendall Ellis, Phyllis Francis, Wadeline Jonathas, Shakima Wimbley
    800: Ce'Aira Brown, Hanna Green, Raevyn Rogers, Ajee Wilson
    1500: Nikki Hiltz, Shelby Houlihan, Jenny Simpson
    St: Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs, Allie Ostrander, Colleen Quigley
    5000: Elinor Purrier, Rachel Schneider, Karissa Schweizer
    10,000: Marielle Hall, Molly Huddle, Emily Sisson
    100H: Nia Ali, Keni Harrison, Brianna McNeal
    400H: Kori Carter, Sydney McLaughlin, Dalilah Muhammad, Ashley Spencer
    20W: Maria Michta Coffey
    50W: Katie Burnett
    Mara: Kelsey Bruce, Carrie Dimoff, Roberta Groner
    4x100 Pool: Kiara Parker, Caitland Smith
    4x400 Pool: Jessica Beard, Allyson Felix, Courtney Okolo
    Mixed 4x400: Jasmine Blocker
    HJ: Ty Butts, Vashti Cunningham, Inika McPherson
    PV: Sandi Morris, Katie Nageotte, Jenn Suhr
    LJ: Tori Bowie, Brittney Reese, Sha'Keela Saunders, Jasmine Todd
    TJ: Tori Franklin, Keturah Orji
    SP: Michelle Carter, Chase Ealey, Maggie Ewen
    DT: Valarie Allman, Kelsey Card, Laulauga Tausaga
    HT: Brooke Andersen, Gwen Berry, DeAnna Price
    JT: Ariana Ince, Kara Winger
    Hept: Erica Bougard, Chari Hawkins, Annie Kunz, Kendell Williams
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