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    Jamaican Sprinter Alleged Failed Test [B. Williams cleared]
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    The gist of the article is claiming that...

    1. An athlete tested positive for a diuretic.

    2. Athlete had recently taken OTC cold medicine purchased in Jamaica which did not list this as an ingredient.

    3. Athlete has medicine tested. Medicine is contaminated with this diuretic.

    No official announcement has been made.

    Contaminated supplements are a known issue, but contaminated medicine?!

    I googled the medicine (the paper posted a picture of it on Twitter) and it looks super dodgy. The name of the company has been used here and there in the medical community, but primarily for a spermicide, and that company had a different logo. There is no website for the company. The medicine was only listed on two websites, both Jamaican. There was one random product review, and it mentioned a lack of safety warnings in/on the packaging, and mentioned the medicine did not seem to help their symptoms much.

    If the statements in the article are true, Jamaica could have issues with poorly regulated medicines on their store shelves, which is a far bigger issue than one athlete failing a drug test.

    But as for that athlete, if this is all true, I hope they just get a warning. Diuretics are not inherently performance enhancing.
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