If you go to the link below, and perhaps monkey with the controls some, you'll see the homestretch at Stanford's Angell Field. The photo is probably from the 1930s or 1940s, and looks toward the 220y straight start and the football stadium.

Both the track and the football stadium were then in the same locations as today's corresponding facilities, and the alignment of the track oval is identical to today's or very nearly so.

I'm wondering why there are two (2) separate finish lines, each with posts for the finish tape and stands for the timers. It cannot be to accommodate the 110m or 120y hurdles, because they've got plenty of straightaway, indeed, enough for the 220y straight race, thus not requiring a non-standard placement of the finish line like some old European stadiums do because of the 110H. Even the finish line farthest away from the sprint start area isn't quite all the way to the end of the straight.

I have some guesses, but I'm not at all sure any are correct. I have also heard that Edwards Stadium at Cal used to have multiple finish lines.

So, can anyone figure out why Stanford had the 2 finish lines as shown in the old photo?