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    Fred Wilt Tribute to Ted Corbitt
    Ted Corbitt: An American Pioneer
    Tributes on His Birth Centenary
    100+ Personal Stories
    #145 Fred Wilt (1920 1994)
    Athlete Coach Author FBI Agent
    1948 & 1952 Olympian Winner of 8 National Titles

    Ted and I occasionally ran together in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. We were both members of the 1952 Olympic Team. Ted was a true gentleman in every possible way when I was in personal contact with him. I have always considered Ted to be mentally brilliant. I have read articles he has written. I know he once wrote a book on the measurement of road racing courses. I remember once Ted told me that it was not possible to always have a resilient soft surfaces to run on, why not make running shoes which would absorb the shock of running? He said Cordner Nelson of Track & Field News in 1949 did not think much of the idea. Thirty years later, the shoe manufacturing business/industry has produced such a shoe Ted envisioned back then. I think the world in general and running in particular are better places to live as a result of TED CORBITT.

    Fred Wilt

    Gary Corbitt
    Curator: Ted Corbitt Archives
    Historian: National Black Marathoners Association
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    Gary C: Thanks for all of your texts on your father's legacy. I read them but haven't replied until now. I did not meet your Father but grew up in knowing about the long distance runner every time I got my Long Distance Log issue in the mail. His name was always on almost every page of distance meet results. The major inspiration I received from his articles was that on Sundays when we were "ordered" to run 5-8 miles by ourselves, I always reflected on your dad with the "if he could run 20+ miles without stopping I could run six miles without stopping. It worked, by Sophomore year I looked forward to running along Lake Michigan from Foster to Oak Street and back and it was easier to do every year.

    Fred Wilt was also a name that was seen in LDL issues and I remember him as the FBI guy who was a famous distance runner and author of many books. His book on "How they Train" for the 880 and middle distances was a must to read and live by for budding-runners.

    Your father's legend grows on with a great son's tributes.
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    Thank you for this feedback.
    I had a front row seat seeing our sport evolve and a child and teenager.
    My comic books were Track & Field News and the Long Distance Log.
    I've been retired 8 years and have time and passion to preserved the history of our sport.
    The Long Distance Logs are posted here at the RRCA site: http://rrcahistory.org/longdistancelog.html

    The New York Road Runner Newsletter that were printed on our kitchen table are located here:https://tedcorbitt.com/rcc-ny-associ...ers-1959-1974/

    Best Wishes!
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