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    ???? ???? in Ronald MacDonald's Home Town, and once a Duck always a Duck.
    Is this like defend China week?
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    the centre
    Not really; I don't even feel offended, just that the flow of your defense is a bit wacky..."not good at anything except table tennis" and then diving isn't "anything" but a "relatively minor sport", well are minor sports a thing or not? And then you meant "team sport"but obviously not "niche sport", I can't even...could you please get your attributives together in one go?

    And by the way, China's men's "team" were still topping the medal table at last year's worlds gymnastics championships, so it's not yet a "once" thing; not that I care a jot about the sport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor Dary View Post
    Volleyball...a niche sport if there ever was one....
    Seriously??? What sport has more member nations in their International Federation than any other? It is volleyball with over 210. Its a huge sport. Also a tremendous sport to watch. Incredible athletes.
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