Happy birthday today (Friday) to two Olympic champions born a total of 174 years ago today.

Both birthday athletes competed in two Olympic Games, both won Olympic silver medals, and both won Olympic gold medals as teenagers.

No hurdles were involved in any of these Olympic medals.

One of our birthday athletes was born on a Sunday and the other won Olympic gold on a Sunday.

The person who won gold on a Sunday was 42 years old when the other champion was born.

Only one of these two athletes is still alive and that person turns 66 today.

Three of the four Olympics these two competed in were held in Europe.

You might know that the athlete born on a Sunday won Olympic gold 17 days after turning 19.

Born the same year as Ronald W. Reagan, this athlete won Olympic gold 23 days before turning 17.

Did you know that one of our birthday people won two Olympic gold medals?

Now is the time to name these two champions.