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I used to hang my hat on this approach, but Armstrong never failed a test and he was a walking pharmacy. Add all the others (Marion Jones, etc.), I no longer believe anyone is clean. It's cynical, it's too bad, I keep it to myself. But when someone knocks out a stellar performance, I give a little cheer and then slink back into my cave with a "might be clean, might not, we'll probably never know".

Which is a far cry from the look of wonder I gave to my heroes of the sport from the 50s to the 70s, who were all as pure as the driven snow.

Um, right?
The TDF and Armstrong are not the the greatest anti doping argument.

When the TDF was inaugurated it was a drug fueled survival race around France. Everyone doped to the extent of the current available compounds. It wasn't scorned, it was expected. They even have stories of DQs due to using a blacksmith to repair a fork.
Pantani is treated the same as Armstrong, nor is Merkx or Fignon, and no one wants to call out Hinault, who avoided tests. Virenque is a cycling commentator. LA 's issue was he is an a hole, not so much his doping, other than him being so 'good' at it.
Its a tough event. It is still a tough event.