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    Quote Originally Posted by reggaeirie1234 View Post
    400m hurdles MW
    400m W
    800m M
    5000m M
    4x100m W
    PV M
    Javelin M
    M 5000
    We still don't know who the top contenders will be in the 5000, because Ethiopia and Kenya have not named their teams. Gebrhiwet, Barega and Kejelcha apparently qualified in their 10,000 trial, but all three of them have primarily been 5000 runners. Then there's Telahun Bekele, Hadis and Belihu. Cheptegei and Kiplimo are not doubling. Note also, that the 10,000 is on the last day, not the first or second as traditionally. If you look at Friday's Brussels lineup, it could be better than the world final, not being subject to the nation limit and with some runners who will do the 10 only. Also, it's the last DL 5000 ever, unless they change back; maybe they will show all of it ------------ Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    W 1500
    Dibaba seems to be hurt now, Hassan ascendant, but Hassan has stated she want the 5/10 double. She's only run that one 10,000, though, and the 10,000 is on the second day (9/28), while the 15 and 5 both start on 10/2.

    M 10000
    If the "Ethiopian Three" all run it, and Rhonex Kipruto, Cheptegei, and Kiplimo, Wow!!! Kipruto and Cheptegei have shown their willingness to push the pace. Kamworor has declined, so Rodgers Chumo and Alex Oloitiptip will join Kipruto; they all ran very fast at Nairobi in their trial.

    It will be even more interesting when we know who will be running what.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Powell View Post
    I agree re Mayer, but the event is just not looking competitive enough right now to generate that much excitement.
    So true, I wonder if that might damper his efforts for a WR?
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    Quote Originally Posted by proofs in the pudd'in View Post
    So true, I wonder if that might damper his efforts for a WR?
    Warner is having very good season this year, and could challenge Mayer.
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