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    I see an article about this, so commence speculation.

    400 - possible, unlikely.
    400H - ditto
    PV - ditto. Mondo is the wild card, as in, he COULD.
    TJ - long shot
    SP - we're getting there, but not yet
    DT - wind dependent. Stahl or Dacres could catch one and if the wind is right . . . but in THIS stadium I doubt it.
    Dec - Mayer ready again?

    1500 - Hassan mighta coulda, but ain't running it. Is G Dib ready?
    St - Chepkoech put it beyond her own reach?
    5000 - could, but will the pace dawdle?
    10000 - ditto, less likely
    100H - unlikely
    400H - best chance in the meet. Two under?
    HJ - Lasits capable
    TJ - Rojas ready?
    Hep - Thiam extreme longshot
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