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There are DOZENS of great songs from that year, but here's my hastily conceived top 10:

HM. BB King - The Thrill Is Gone

10. Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
9. Simon & Garfunkle - The Boxer
8. CS&N - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
7. Cream - Crossroads
6. Who - Pinball Wizard
5. Zombies - Time of the Season
4. Youngbloods - Get Together (THE song of the Hippie Era)
3. Stones - Gimme Shelter

1.&2. (can't separate them)

Beatles - Come Together
Lad Zepp - Whole Lotta Love
Good list. Although I was born late '67 so I'm too young for first-hand memories of these. Will have to look up the Youngbloods.