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    Quote Originally Posted by rhymans View Post
    I have to thank my old friend Bambam for this one - it wasn't the former Steeler Frenchy Fuqua, but Ivan Fuqua
    As a Brit, Richard, I'm amazed that you knew that about Frenchy Fuqua. I will now have to start studying up on cricket stats and trivia to keep up with you
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    beyond help
    I think, this was his Steelers retirement party where the ever flamboyant Frenchy Fuqua gave a speech about his origins.
    He was a son of a French baroness, They vacationed on an island in French Polynesia. A volcano erupted on a nearby island, the wind blew ashes toward him and that is why he is black.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleRBar View Post
    For this quiz, there is no research allowed. None. You either figure it out in your head, make a guess, or let someone else try. You are allowed to guess one athlete at a time and if you miss, you may try again (one athlete at a time).
    Thank you!
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