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I looked it up and decided to buy after reading a sample....fascinating reading...especially the early part on hydration.... in the early 70s we often did long runs, 20+, barely drinking any water, sometimes none, even in the summer and had no problems....

There’s never been a case of a runner dying of dehydration on a marathon course, but since 1993, at least five marathoners have died from hyponatremia they developed during a race.
Yes, I've been in touch with Christie Aschwanden about this. A few weeks ago I was an invited guest at West Point and spent the day touring it with Curt Alitz - you may remember him - late 70s IC4A and Heptagonal XC champion - Curt and I were med school classmates.

It was a very hot day and the new cadets were going thru their paces. Curt told me that a few years a cadet died on a day like this, but it was not heat stroke. He had been over-hydrating and died from hyponatremia, which Christie Aschwanden discusses in her book.

Further, Curt became a triathlete in the later 1980s (3rd one time at US Nationals Olympic distance), and he told me he is in touch with the Ironman medical guys. They told Curt when they get a competitor in extremis now, they always think hyponatremia before they think heat stroke - hyponatremia is deadly is not treated quickly (so is heat stroke, of course). Anyway, they think its a big problem because "hydrate, hydrate" has been drummed into the competitors and us for the last couple decades.