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    In 1980 Boston was a relatively poorly organized race...there were no official aid stations....you were on your own trying to get water....so RR sneaking in and no one noticed wasn't surprising...

    I remember that Eliot Lounge ceremony....
    It was noticed. Two Harvard students (one on the track team) saw, and later reported / testified, that she entered the course near the finish line.
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    Yes that's right....point was though it was just a couple of spectators that saw her intrude the race.....

    Road racing in those days was pretty simple....you rarely told anyone official you were putting on a race...traffic control was minimal at best....so worrying about someone cutting the course short was not on anyone's mind with race directors...primarily because races had so little publicity....of course Boston was different but not by much....

    I directed a marathon in Illinois in the 70s...with about a hundred+ finishers...and we had at most about half a dozen volunteers...
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