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    And, given another thread about missing 3 tests, maybe Coleman is out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ATK View Post
    I was just specifically asking about the fail-safe method bit. How can you say Lewis' method of baton passing is fail safe? Didn't they not even make it out of regionals?
    Not sure what happened at the regional, it is Lewis's system.

    Quote Originally Posted by guru View Post
    Not with Japan and their superior passing technique in the race. Silver, or DNF for US men...
    Japanese underhand technique is not superior, they have their problems.
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    "he's America's best and that's what fans want, the stud on anchor."

    Maybe "fans" want to win first? I for one don't care who anchors, I want results. Which should be the #1 priority of every team on the track. I wonder if the other national teams take into consideration the popularity of the individuals, or their egos, or their wishes about which leg they want to run.
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    No US teams in the 4x1 relays today.
    Alan Shank
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