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    WC Betting
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    I did not know it was legal in Pennsylvania!
    If I lived in PA (which I don't) and I were a betting man (which I try really hard to avoid), I'd like these odds:

    wHT Wang Zhen +350
    m400H Benjamin +275

    I will now place a virtual $100 bet on each, just so I can brag (or shake my head ruefully) after the fact.

    BTW - I'm doing great on my crypto currency investment . . . NOT!
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    Dude, I'm with you on Rai Benjamin. I just have a feeling he's gonna take it.
    I'll bet a virtual benjamin on that, too!

    Noah Lyles -667 on a site I looked at. (Bet $667 to win $100).

    I'm rich with virtual money, so I'm gonna put $100 down on Beast Reese +600 (even though Mihambo has been unbeatable)

    Also, as much as I want Crouser to win (+140), I'll take Romani for +500.
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