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    USATF Formchart
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    Looking over the T&FN final(?) formchart, I have quibbles (which usually means I'm misinformed about athletes' form coming into a championship).

    So here's my doubts in the Top 3.

    200 - Young over Hudson?
    400 - Montgomery over Stewart?
    400H - Kendz over Robinson?
    LJ - Bazile over Jefferson?
    Dec - Simmons over H Williams?

    100 - Daniels over White?
    400 - Beard #1, no Felix?
    10000 - Bruce #3?
    TJ - Cook over Pitts?
    SP - Carter out of top 3?
    DT - Card over Ashley?

    I encourage all to create their own formcharts to see how they do vs. the T&FN one (always excellent!). It makes the meet that much more fun!

    I used to post a contest that was fun for about a dozen of us, but fewer and fewer participated, but I'm willing to resurrect it as a 'winners only' or Top-3 affair.
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    I would be up for a winner's only contest.
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    Jessica Beard as #1? No way.

    Schweizer only #4? I will say she's a lock for the team.

    Ostrander > Lawrence

    Hall > Bruce

    Little over Muhammed? I think not.
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    Count me in.I would prefer top 3, but why not do both? Those who do top 3 could be in both and others who do winners only will still be part of one. I guess it's more work though.
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    I'm betting on Muhammad to beat McLaughlin in a close race. Out of the 4 USA's she competed at her entire career, Muhammad won 3 of them, and she is arguably in the form of her life. It will be a close and exciting race though.

    Also I think Kendall Ellis will make the 400m team, if not top 3, then likely the relay.
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    I think Felix is making the team. (Yeah, I know. Surprise, surprise.).
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    I donít see how Burrell, who hasnít gone under 10.10 this year, is 5th in the 100m
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    I think Daniels will make the 100 or 200 team in the women's sprints, she's on an upswing after NCAA's where the rest haven't gone near their best times.
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    Muhammad has been injured since winning that meeting in Poland with that huge 400 PR. I don't think she has the 53 low/52 high it will be needed to take down Sydney.
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    OK, for anyone else foolish enough to second-guess the T&FN formchart, here's where you can put your picks. Either pick just the winners or pick top 3 - to see if you can beat T&FN (or others).

    Here are my picks for the team events that are being contested. Anyone can edit their picks no later than noon (CT) on Thursday - the Dec 100 is at 2:45pm.

    Any news that might affect picks can be put here also. (I have left Muhammad altho I saw that she has been injured as of late.)

    I am out of town through the weekend (but following on NBCG, as best I can!), so I won't be able to 'score' as we go, so anyone who wishes to, may. My favorite scoring for top 3 is simplicity itself: 1 point for each medalist picked (in any order) and 1 point for picking the winner, so 4 points available for each event.


    100 Coleman Rodgers Gillespie (Gatlin dns final?)
    200 Lyles Coleman Hudson
    400 Norman Kerley Stewart
    800 Murphy Brazier Hoppel
    1500 Centrowitz Engels Gregorek
    St Bor Kebenei Bayer
    5K Chelimo True Hunter
    10K Erassa Kipchirchir Korir
    110H Holloway Roberts Allen
    400H Benjamin Hall Robinson
    HJ Robinson McEwen Sears
    PV Kendricks Nielsen Walsh
    LJ Henderson Claye Jefferson
    TJ Claye Craddock Scott (sorry CT)
    SP Crouser Kovacs Hill
    DT Jagers Finley B Williams
    HT Young Donnelly Winkler
    JT Dolezal Shuey Thompson
    Dec Ziemek DWilliams HWilliams

    100 Richardson Hobbs Daniels
    200 Annelus Prandini Thomas
    400 Okolo Jonathas Felix
    800 Wilson Rogers Brown
    1500 Houlihan Simpson Grace
    St Coburn Frerichs Quigley
    5K Houlihan Schweizer Rowbury
    10K Huddle Sisson Tabb
    100H KHarrison Ali Clemons
    400H McLaughlin Little Muhammad
    HJ Cunningham McPherson Smith
    PV Morris Nageotte Suhr
    LJ Reese Hall Orji
    TJ Orji Franklin Pitts
    SP Ealey Carter Ramsey
    DT Allman Lewis-Smallwd Ashley
    HT Berry Price Anderson
    JT Winger Ince Carter
    Hep KWilliams Bougard Zamzov
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