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    It is not unprecedented even if it is unusually fast. It also is a thesis that is incredibly prone to making selection bias errors. So why do you keep harping on it; you have not said anything much different in what might be a dozen posts dancing closely around your real point. You have made it and stop making doping innuendo repeatedly. By the way, didn't a recent w100m champion, relay WR-holder make dramatic improvement around age 25?
    I am not making doping innuendo, where do you get off making such an accusation? Is that your role around here? You just made an assumption that is entirely false.

    And it is completely unprecedented in terms of how close an athlete has come to being within range of becoming a world record holder, in such a short time. All the doping in East Germany never brought anyone so far so fast. I don't think Seyni is doping. You went and read that into it, I never intended it, because it's not what I believe.

    I think you are posturing with your remarks.
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    I am not posturing; I can even figure out what I would be posturing about. And I think you are pretty naive if you think that your comments do not have an undercurrent of doping.

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    congrats boys

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