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    Better with age. Just speechless at how SAFP is looking.

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    She may have gone even faster if not for her relay exploits yesterday.

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    Oh, Schippers didn't get a pass for false starting this time.

    Will Hassan now consider to run the 1500m?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottmitchell74 View Post
    Nice to see a Woman's sub-2:00 causing distress on the athlete's faces. Fun race!
    And - after 43 years - the Australian record finally falls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Is it me or are the mHJ and 110H in the doldrums internationally?
    Barshim and Mcleod are WC so they can take their time getting ready - Barshim also coming off injury last year so he's got that, too. Bondarenko went 2.31 earlier but he's likely picking his spots. Holloway, Roberts, Ortega, and Shubenkov all missed London for one reason or another. Get them all healthy and peaking and Doha will be a great race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 18.99s View Post
    I wasn't comparing him to the other two guys, I was comparing him to the 47-second barrier. My point was that the implied supposition of "if he only cleared those two hurdles smoothly he'd go sub-47!" isn't such a good one because those two bad clearances may be a direct consequence of going at a speed that was faster than he's ever gone in his life in this event (and faster than everybody in history except a very few). It's not like he was running in bad weather and you could hope for a better time in good weather.

    It's sort of like when Evan Jager threatened the 8-minute barrier in the steeplechase but then fell after the last barrier. "If only he didn't fall he'd break the barrier" is weak speculation, because the reason he fell was from having dead tired legs after running at sub-8 pace. That fall wasn't an easily correctable mistake; it was a consequence of going at a speed that his body wasn't fully prepared for. And indeed, years later he still hasn't broken 8 minutes.
    Jager was simply too excited and mis-judged his jump. Instead of concentrating on the barrier he was likely thinking about the clock, just watch the race.

    Warholm was indeed out of gas. The kid's talented and gutsy, and disturbs a lot of people lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madd Marine View Post
    Warholm was indeed out of gas. The kid's talented and gutsy, and disturbs a lot of people lol.
    I'm pretty sure he disturbs zero people here. I didn't think he was at the same level as Samba and Benjamin, but he just proved me wrong!

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    He looks like he'll eventually break 47. People come up with all manner of reasons as to why he'll never do this, never do that. Most of those reasons are as silly as Renaldo Nehemiah remarking on Liu Xiang's "lack of speed" helping him in the hurdles. That was a riot. We know what's really going on lol.

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    It's a huge improvement over 200m. The video is great, catch it before the IAAF has it yanked - can't afford to promote the sport for free you know:


    The look on the guy's faces at 1:21 says it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Per Andersen View Post
    He is close to going 13 steps over all ten hurdles. Today he did 14 steps to the last hurdle since he was forced to lead with his right. Normally he does 15 steps between 9 and 10.
    Benjamin does 13 steps all the way but he leads with his right and is thus forced to be in the middle of the lane over the hurdles in the turns. ( Warholm leads with his left.)
    I remember back in 1968 when David Hemery smashed the WR, Ron Whitney said that he could never run 48 because he led with his right leg and took 15 steps all the way. He was right.
    I wonder, though, how much difference it makes, right lead vs. left.
    Alan Shank

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