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    Rudisha was the gold medalist at the 2016 Olympics but at the trials he almost did not qualify. He struggled to finish 3rd, gritting all his teeth so hard that he might have had to see a dentist after the race.

    Bernard Lagat was the top Kenyan miler when he was in his prime. Even he described the trepidation he felt when attending Kenyan trials. He would literally shake in his shoes because every time there were half a dozen other milers capable of running 3:34 at altitude.

    Make the slightest tactical error and you are toast, finishing 4th behind a runner few people have heard heard of.
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    One of the pleasures of being on this site is the freedom of armchair quarterbacking. Ches is constrained by the real world, his perception of it, and trying to maximize his career in this most perfect of sports. Making a Kenyan distance team, even in a relatively down year, will never be easy. I am sure that he and his advisors have thought about this a lot. Maybe we should let them make the decisions for his career.
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