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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Talk about a tough crowd. If they don't show up enough on the circuit, we complain that they're ducking and leading T&F to ruin. If they do show up, they're over-racing.
    The thing is for Naser she really didn't have to exert herself much running mid to low 50s races to win. That satiated the workload a bit. Then Seyni showed up..different ball game.

    Perhaps Seyni just had an incredibly good day in Lausanne and returns north of 50s tomorrow. Otherwise Naser may reconsider so many races. Unlike Wariner and such that have gone before, none have had to contend with a Champs in October.
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    I am assuming (probably wrongly) that Naser didn't have much choice in racing at the Asian Champs earlier in the season. But I'm pretty sure she had to.
    She wasn't in amazing form then and didn't need to be, and as scorpionking says, she ran as she needed to.

    With Seyni it's more about pacing and believing in herself. This is the first season she has regularly run against the worlds best. She is getting used to having to run faster over the first 200m. The 400m is tough for novices! She knows she has to be closer in the first half and that is what she tried to do in Lausanne. But Naser equally knew she had to go out harder after their last encounter.

    Lausanne had perfect conditions. London this weekend wont, depending on which weather report you read, so it's doubtful it will be as fast. It's going to be more about who wins and how the race unfolds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LopenUupunut View Post
    Is Seyni that erratic, though? She lost to Naser by 0.11 in Rabat and 0.02 in Lausanne, and has won every other race this year. Her times have been somewhat erratic, but - much like Naser - she's always done enough to win against lower-quality opposition.
    She's certainly been less predictable so far. Naser's 400m times this season have shown a clear trend towards improvement - her 50.13 at the Gyulai memorial broke the trend only but it was only 4 days after that 49.17 in Lausanne and she admitted to being tired in her post-race interview (plus she still won very comfortably).

    Seyni's times, by contrast, aren't following any clear trend. They're up and down from race to race. I'm not convinced about her doing "just enough" as her margins of victory have varied (as has Naser's), but I am sure that she gets dragged to better times with someone like Naser to chase. Regardless, both times she's faced Naser she has lost, and I'm less confident in her pulling out a top level performance in her next race than I am about Naser or SMU doing so.

    I can no longer see her on the London DL start list unfortunately..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paced View Post
    I can no longer see her on the London DL start list unfortunately..
    You are correct! Pretty sure Seyni's name was still there this morning (Friday), but now there's 9 athletes not named Seyni listed for the 400m.
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