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    A little more history:

    The WUG got some USA priority when Buffalo hosted it in 1993 and while IAAF President Primo was alive in the 1990s - he once headed it and it was a pet event of his. But when USATF was digging itself out of debt in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was one of the line items cut down to token amounts. This was in large part because the High Performance Division made it a lower line item than other priorities and there was not as much money to go around.

    Eventually, the USOC gave USATF grants that if not directly for WUG were narrow enough that a good deal of it went toward WUG teams.

    It is an excellent multi-sport competition and a good warmup for aspiring potential Olympians, but never gotten the prestige in the USA it gets in Europe and elsewhere.
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