I want to wish everyone (no matter which country you represent) a happy fourth of July. This date may mean different things to different people. I know a few people that were born on the fourth of July. Some may have been married on the fourth of July.

Of course for most Americans it means fireworks, no work, and being patriotic. For most of the rest of the world, it just means another day in July.

I believe I am very lucky to live in a great country, even though we don't always have the best leaders. Sometimes our country is great in spite of the leaders.

I have been lucky to have been able to travel around the world and see other great countries on this planet. Maybe one day all countries will attend the Olympic Games with no fighting anywhere on Earth. Probably not in my lifetime.

The fourth of July represents the ratification of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Of course the U.S. could not become a country without a war....the War of Independence. Today the United States turns 243 years old. Happy birthday to the United States and may we all continue to be great and to do the right thing.