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    Quote Originally Posted by bambam1729 View Post
    For those of us in New Hampshire, what is the TV schedule for the Pre Meet - when and on what channel(s)?
    Google doesn't work in New Hampshire? :-)
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    Come to think of it, the two world champions who are also Stanford graduates can't participate in PRE this year. (Stefandi and Kori Carter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tandfman View Post
    Google doesn't work in New Hampshire? :-)
    Yeah, I looked it up eventually. I'm an old fart and don't always think of that
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    Quote Originally Posted by CookyMonzta View Post
    If I must say so, dropping the 200 (which she might do in 2020), after a 21.77 PR at the 2017 Pre, might be as bad a move as was for Carolina Klüft to drop the heptathlon in 2008 for the LJ (9th in Beijing), after posting a PR of 7,032 the year before, with only Jackie (x6) ahead of her.
    Kluft quit the hep because she lost her motivation for it. One needs to be highly motivated to train for 7 events at that level; she would have been beaten if she contested it in Beijing after a year of half-hearted training.

    Dropping the 200 however is a lot more mysterious.
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    I understand dropping the 200 in the context of doing the 100 and LJ. Doing both sprints and the LJ is tough, and that's why so few athletes have been able to excel at all 3. The 100/200 is still 'easier' though! The question is whether this is building to the 100/200/LJ for Tokyo.
    From her interview it sounded like there is plenty of unfinished business in the LJ event, and that appears to motivate her. That in itself is interesting, because the wLJ is very competitive and generally you need over 7m to win. But she knows what she can do in training and what she enjoys. It might just be a case of the longer training she just doesn't like. And as she used to jump, her love is still in that event.
    I wish Okagbare would make the same decision!
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    Anyone know when they are letting people in?
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