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    Briana Williams will run sub-11 to make the team. The showdown between ET and SAFP will be epic, both seemingly in top form.
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    Briana Williams 11.01 without altitude!!! She is the real deal and Ato is a general!
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    Williams had such a good start, hopefully she gets the same start in the final and the two big guns push her to a new world U18 best. 10.98 is very reachable as she slowed a lot in the last 15-20m. When you compare 11.01 with +0.4 wind to Hill’s 10.98 with +2.0, this is so impressive.

    SAFP Heat 1:

    ET vs BW Heat 2:

    Shelly is going to be so hard to beat if she gets that same ‘bullet’ of a start in the final.
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    Have they found the "next Usain Bolt" yet???
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    So how binding are these results? Is Russell and the two Traceys definitely not on the team for Doha?
    1 #370 Rushell Clayton 27 Swept Track Club 54.73M#
    2 #112 Shiann Salmon 20 G.C. Foster College 55.39M#
    3 #339 Ronda Whyte 29 Sprintec 55.41M#
    4 #227 Janieve Russell 26 Mvp 55.57M#
    5 #149 Ristananna Tracey 27 Hurdle Mechanics 55.70M#
    6 #373 Nikita Tracey 29 Swept Track Club 55.83M#
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    Oblique Seville won the U20 final in 10.13 (wind 0.8), =PB. Born in 2001, so he's still in U20 next year.
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    ET and SAFP both 10.73!!!!!! BW 3rd in 10.94!!!! Wind +0.6
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    What a race!
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    Incredible!! From all top 3! That race fully surpassed expectations.

    I can finally go to bed
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    Women's 100m final, ET edges SAFP
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